“War. War never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk.”

Las Vegas. The Jewel of the Desert. The Treasure of the Mojave. It’s name is synonymous with fame and fortune gained and lost in an instant. Surprisingly, even after the nuclear war of 2077, that hasn’t changed, thanks to the work of multi-millionaire Robert House and his second in command, known only as The Courier.

The year is 2283. It’s been nearly a year since the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, where the New California Republic(NCR) again held back the eastern forces of Caesar’s Legion, although not without heavy losses. Their victory was short lived, however, as after the battle Mr. House began “renegotiation” over control of the dam. While much of the Mojave Wasteland has been integrated into the NCR, there is resentment among the core NCR regions towards the still independent enclave of New Vegas.

Our adventure begins with a group of four unlikely allies come together for a common goal. Only time will tell if this goal lies in the east, the west, or within Vegas itself.

What Happens in Vegas